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Maintaining your car will help you to avoid costly repairs.  At Sparks we work with our customers to continuously maintain their vehicle so that it will provide them with the lowest cost of ownership. Repairs are often big bills that could have been avoided with proper maintenance.  When your car needs professional automotive repairs, Sparks Car Care is a name you can trust.

You can depend on Sparks Car Care to provide your vehicle’s 30,000, 60,000 or 90,000 mile scheduled inspection. Since each car is different and each manufacturer has a different set of requirements, please bring your owner’s manual with you.

Maintain your vehicle.

Among the services we provide, these are some of the regular maintenance tasks we recommend.

Driveline Maintenance
Your driveline has several components and is very important because it’s what connects the power of your engine to your wheels.  In fact one small failure of one small joint on your driveline means that your car is not going anywhere. Your driveline is as important as your engine or transmission. Make sure that old fluid does not leave you stranded on the side of the road. It’s probably one of the most overlooked aspects of your car’s maintenance. Because it is so complicated, there are several parts that may need attention. You may need one or all of the service parts.
Wheel Alignment
It’s important that each of your wheels are pointed in the same direction.  It may seem obvious, but over time the wheels of your car slightly start to point in different directions. This causes your tires to wear out, and you have to replace them sooner. Don’t pay for a whole set of tires. Just get your wheels aligned.
Tire Rotation
Tire rotation is important if you have a front wheel or real wheel drive car. It simply mean’s that we move your front tires to the back, and the back tires to the front. If you don’t rotate your tires you have to go and buy tires more often because they wear out faster when they are not rotated. It’s cheaper than buying new tires.

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Our Vision

To build customer loyalty by providing exceptional customer service and instilling trust in every vehicle we repair.  Our promise to you: Quality of our car repairs comes first, integrity will never be compromised and our customers are the focus of everything we do.

Our mission

The mission of Sparks Car Care is to provide our customers with peace of mind from knowing that if there are any problems with their car, they will be fixed as soon as possible, without any hassles or excuses. Continuous improvement is essential to our success in the car repair business, and we promise everyone will have a positive experience when using our auto repair services.