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Fuel System Service
Your fuel system is one of the most important systems in your vehicle.  If you don’t have a consistent flow of fuel, your car will not run.  The fuel flows through a bunch of valves, ports, manifolds and chambers. If those things get dirty, the fuel does not flow. Clean it out and you get better power and mileage. With gas prices where they are it will be well worth the money you will spend.
Power Steering Service
Your steering is assisted by a pump that makes it easier to steer your vehicle. Without this unit, it would be very difficult to turn the wheel to steer your car. This unit gets varnish, and gum that builds up because fluid gets contaminated over time. By flushing it, and replacing it with fluid that has antioxidant and anti-wear ingredients, you significantly decrease the possibility that you will have to replace your expensive power steering unit. Do it today to avoid a costly repair down the road.
Cooling System Service
The last thing you want is to be on the side of the road with steam coming out of the front of your car. Your car has a cooling system that keeps the engine at the correct temperature. You need enough coolant, the right coolant, and a well functioning distribution system.  Regular service is crucial to keeping car on the road. Do it today to avoid problems tomorrow.
Brake Fluid Service
Brakes are important. If you don’t have them…well you can imagine.  Over time, brakes build up bad deposits of things that will not make them work. You need to get rid of these deposits so that your brakes do not fail when you expect them most. Get your brakes serviced and install new break fluid now before you have to replace your entire break system.
Transmission Service
Your transmission contains gears that change the faster you drive your car. Over time sludge and gum builds up from old fluid. This can ruin your transmission, and that is a seriously expensive repair.  Get all of that old fluid out of there and replaces it with new high tech fluid that has conditioners in it that will extend the life of your transmission so that you don’t have to replace it. If you have not flushed your transmission recently, now is the time to do it. You will be happy you made the decision.
Engine Clean Service
All of the bad gas and oil products that run in your car produce sludge. This needs to get cleaned out before it damages your engine.  If it does not get cleaned out it will cause the parts in your engine to wear out from too much friction and not enough lubrication.  Do not let that happen to your engine! Get it cleaned out before it wears out. While we are at it, we will give you all new engine oil, and a new oil filter to take out anything that flakes off from your engine because of previous lack of care. Get your engine cleaned and filled with brand new fluids today.
Air Conditioning Service
In the Pacific Northwest you hardly need Air Conditioning. But when you do you don’t want it to stink, and you want it to work.  Since we hardly use the system it needs to be maintained each year. The system needs to be flushed since it has sat for so long.  If you want AC in the NW you need to service it. We make sure it’s cleaned, filled and working well for those hot summer months.
Battery Service
Your battery is also one of the most neglected parts of your car.  Acid from the battery builds up and corrosion needs to be removed so that your car will continue to start. If you don’t maintain your battery you will need to buy a new one. Much more expensive than maintaining the one you have.
Annual Vehicle Check-Up

If you drive more than 6,000 mile each year essential
components wear over time. These worn out components
may not be seen as part of you other services performed
throughout the year. A annual vehicle certification
advises you as to the health of your vehicle and allows to
make informed decision about potential services needed.
Spend the extra few dollars for pieces of mind.

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