Can Your Tire Be Patched?

A flat tire can be a frustrating experience at any time but can be particularly inconvenient if you aren’t ready to invest in a new tire. When you need emergency tire repair services, your damaged tire may qualify for a patch. Learn how to identify issues that can be patched and find out where to

What is Synthetic Motor Oil?

Everything You Need to Know If you’ve just purchased a new car and been told that you need to use synthetic motor oil, you might be wondering what exactly that is. Sparks Car Care in Federal Way, Washington is used to hearing this confusion from our customers. Many of them want to know what synthetic

What Kind of Oil Should You Be Using?

Types of Motor Oil Wondering if the motor oil you’re using is the best choice for your vehicle? A technician at Sparks Car Care in Federal Way, Washington can help! We’ve organized the details on the major types of motor oil so you can navigate the auto parts store when looking for a new bottle.

3 Reasons to Get an Oil Change

Mandatory or Recommended Maintenance? As a vehicle owner, you’ve probably heard about recommended maintenance schedules and preventative maintenance services. When professionals in the automotive industry talk about any kind of maintenance for your car, they are talking about the services that keep important systems running at their best, like oil changes. Because they play such