Can Your Tire Be Patched?

A flat tire can be a frustrating experience at any time but can be particularly inconvenient if you aren’t ready to invest in a new tire. When you need emergency tire repair services, your damaged tire may qualify for a patch. Learn how to identify issues that can be patched and find out where to go to receive a tire patch in Federal Way, Washington.

When You Can Use a Patch

There are a specific set of circumstances when a punctured tire can be safely and efficiently patched. After your vehicle is in a safe area, look at the puncture to determine whether it qualifies for a patch:

  • The puncture is in the center of the tire, not the shoulder or sidewall
  • The entire puncture is 1/4 of an inch or less in diameter
  • No other damages overlap with the current puncture

If a puncture is capable of being patched, then the entire process can be performed in 90 minutes or less by a qualified professional. First, your punctured tire needs to be removed and inspected. Many flat tires actually have more than one puncture, so it’s important to ensure there is no other damage present. A qualified professional will trim and clean the puncture, prepare a patch, and apply it.

The Dangers of Tire Plugs

If you’re looking to save some money, you may have discovered tire plugs. While this quick fix may seem like a great solution for your tire repair needs, a tire plug is only a temporary solution. A plug is a small, sticky object that is forced into the puncture using a plug tool. Once inserted, a plug works as a patch. However, it’s only designed to keep your tire inflated enough to get back to a trusted auto repair shop. Attempting to drive long distances on a tire plug can quickly result in another flat tire. Instead of investing in a short-term solution, discover how a professional can thoroughly patch your tire, and prevent leakage for the remainder of your tire’s life.

Professional Tire Repair Services in Federal Way

Schedule a service today at Sparks Car Care in Federal Way, Washington. Restore your tire with quality tire repair services at affordable rates. When it comes to quality care, trust the team that’s been voted “Best in Federal Way” for 15 years.

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