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Is Your Check Engine Light On?

Have you ever gotten in the car in the morning to find the check engine light illuminated on the dashboard? There’s a moment of hope that it will go back off like always when you first turn your car on and the dashboard indicators momentarily flash. But when the yellow warning light stays on you sink into your seat. Something is going wrong with your vehicle. You can spend the next part of your day worrying and wondering, or you can call Sparks Car Care in Federal Way, WA for help! Our ASE Certified technicians have years of experience working with all makes and models to maintain ideal performance. A check engine light is a request from your car to get professional attention. We are here to help things go right, especially when it seems like everything is going wrong!

Frequently Asked Questions

When customers come to us for check engine repair, they bring the same questions and concerns. We provide honest and reliable answers to ease their stress. Our team is dedicated to serving our community of drivers in King County by providing honest counsel and repairs at fair prices!

  1. What Is Wrong With My Car?

  2. Of course, the first thing anyone wants to know when their check engine light comes on is what is causing it. We hear our customers say “why is that light on and what does it mean?” Malfunction indicators warn drivers of problems big and small, from things like a loose gas cap to a failing catalytic converter. The only way to know the exact cause is to visit a professional auto mechanic for accurate diagnostics. Our team relies on advanced diagnostic equipment to read your vehicle’s message and performs visual inspections to verify the cause.

  3. Is My Car Safe to Drive?

  4. A check engine light alone doesn’t mean you have to pull over immediately. It’s an early message from your vehicle to visit a professional soon. You can call Sparks Car Care at 253-874-1070 to schedule a time for repairs that fits your schedule or stop by at your earliest convenience. We welcome walk-in customers with all makes and models. No matter what your car needs, we can handle it! Find us at 32627 Pacific Hwy. S., next to Celebration Park! A blinking check engine light means your engine is about to fail. Pull over safely and call us for emergency roadside assistance!

Schedule Check Engine Light Repair

Our team of expert technicians at Sparks Car Care in Federal Way, WA is ready to help with your check engine light repair! We look forward to your visit!