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Sparks Car Care is a premier auto repair facility in Federal Way, WA. Our team of ASE Certified technicians is dedicated to providing quality repairs and services to keep our community of drivers on the road. We help you maintain your vehicle’s health and performance because everyone deserves to have a reliable way to get around. Our maintenance services protect all cars, trucks, and SUVs from major breakdowns by keeping critical systems in top condition. Engine tune-ups are a big part of vehicle maintenance. They protect the heart of your car — the engine! We recommend visiting us regularly for preventative tune-up services that extend the life of your engine. Contact us today to learn more!

Our Process

When you choose Sparks Car Care in Federal Way, WA for preventative maintenance services, we ensure every part of your car is taken care of, inside and out. From the wheels and brakes to the engine, a lot goes into making sure parts stay in top condition and function properly. Our engine tune-up service might seem complicated, but our attention to detail and dedication to quality ensures our customers leave with reliable vehicles. A number of parts typically wear out more quickly in the engine and need replacement to protect the rest of the system. Air filters, for example, might need to be replaced annually because accumulated dirt could stop air from reaching the engine for cooling. Engine overheating is dangerous and damaging and could lead to failure. A clean and healthy engine consists of clean and healthy parts! We check everything from spark plugs to oxygen sensors and make replacements as necessary to protect engines on all makes and models.

Schedule Engine Tune Up Today!

How long has it been since your vehicle’s last visit to the auto shop? If your answer is more than a year, we recommend scheduling service with us promptly for a complete vehicle checkup and thorough tune-up. Our technicians rely on advanced diagnostic equipment to identify any problems. With years of experience in the automotive industry, they know what problem signs to look out for and exactly what solution will boost your vehicle’s performance and lifespan. Let us take a look under the hood today to improve your driving experience tomorrow. Call 253-874-1070 or click online to schedule a tune-up today! We welcome walk-in customers, so next time you are in the area — 32627 Pacific Hwy. S., Federal Way, WA — feel free to stop by! You can find us by Celebration Park. We look forward to your visit!