What is Synthetic Motor Oil?

Everything You Need to Know

If you’ve just purchased a new car and been told that you need to use synthetic motor oil, you might be wondering what exactly that is. Sparks Car Care in Federal Way, Washington is used to hearing this confusion from our customers. Many of them want to know what synthetic oil is and what makes it different from conventional oils. This post will give you a full explanation!

Conventional v. Synthetic

In the past, most vehicles used conventional motor oil. It was made from crude oil — a raw material extracted from the Earth. It was fairly cheap and offered enough benefits to protect all kinds of engines. But because it is made from crude oil, it also contains impurities and varying molecules that are not uniform. As automotive technology advanced, engines improved and so did our knowledge of motor oil. Engineers realized that uniform oil could promote better performance.

Synthetic oil is synthesized through advanced engineering to create a product that has uniform molecules and is free from impurities. That gives it better performance at high and low temperatures and contains additives that help it last longer and better protect engines, This explains why so many automakers recommend it for their new vehicles.

How Synthetic Oil is Made

All synthetic oils are not the same. Some are made from natural gas through a process that offers even greater benefits. It gives the oil better oxidation stability at high temperatures and lower volatility. That is essential to achieve low viscosity and high performance. Most synthetics are engineered with high performing additives that offer engine protection and better performance. In short, they are made to be the best for your vehicle!

Want to Know More?

If you have ever wondered why your vehicle requires synthetic oil, or why it costs so much at oil changes, this information should provide a good explanation. Synthetics are specially engineered to offer better benefits for your vehicle. You get what you pay for with this product! If you have more questions about oil changes, feel free to contact Sparks Car Care in Federal Way, Washington. We would be happy to help!

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