What Kind of Oil Should You Be Using?

Types of Motor Oil

Wondering if the motor oil you’re using is the best choice for your vehicle? A technician at Sparks Car Care in Federal Way, Washington can help! We’ve organized the details on the major types of motor oil so you can navigate the auto parts store when looking for a new bottle. Keep this information in mind when selecting replacement oil before your next oil change!

Conventional Oil

Conventional oil is commonly used across the board for most light-duty vehicles with simple engine designs. The majority of cars on the road with low to average mileage can run on this budget-friendly option.

High Mileage Oil

When cars reach a certain point in their lifespan, engine performance can drop. High mileage motor oil is designed for vehicles with more than 75,000 miles and helps the car perform better. Additives reduce consumption so that drivers don’t need to top off the oil continuously. They also minimize leaks and reduce emissions in older engines.

Full Synthetic Oil

High-performance engines demand exceptional levels of lubrication. Full synthetic oil has a higher viscosity, making it more resistant to oxidation and breakdown, so it can continuously lubricate and reduce sludge build-ups. It can help engines achieve greater fuel efficiency and power. With all the benefits, full synthetic also comes with extra cost.

Synthetic Blend Oil

Offering a blend with the best of everything, synthetic motor oil has some of the beneficial additives of full synthetic without the high cost. It’s essentially a mixture of full synthetic and conventional oil, containing additives to resist oxidation and improve engine operation at extreme temperatures.

Factory Recommendations

If you need help selecting the right motor oil for your vehicle, you can start by checking your owner’s manual. Your vehicle’s manufacturer gave specific recommendations for its maintenance, including what type of oil the engine will run on best. Some cars must run strictly on a particular kind of oil, or their engines will develop severe and costly damage. Be sure to check your owner’s manual and ask a professional technician before abruptly changing the type of oil you use.

Ask an Expert

Drivers with questions about oil changes can also ask the experts at Sparks Car Care in Federal Way, Washington! We are here to keep your car healthy and happy!

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